Here to make life a little easier

Clarion® water care products are here to make owning a swimming pool, spa or hot tub one of life’s luxuries, not one of live’s burdens.

The easier and less time consuming it is for you to look after and maintain your swimming pool, the more time you can spend with family and friends enjoying it! Correct pool care is very important and crystal clear, clean water is made simple by using our high quality own brand Clarion range of products. Following our 3 simple steps will enable you to enjoy a safe, fantastic looking pool, without having to plan ahead. So you can use it whenever you feel like it.

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The collection

Our complete Clarion® In-ground Pool Collection includes everything you need for a healthy pool.

  • Step 1 – Safe, sanitised water
  • Step 2 – Crystal clear and looking good
  • Step 3 – Algae free
  • The balancing act
  • Testing & water analysis

Our products